LCD and Audio Feedback Prompt Users to Position for Optimal Facial Biometric Imaging

Sep 27, 2005 - A4Vision, global leader in advanced identification software and 3D facial imaging technology, announces today it has signed a distribution agreement with Bannerbridge plc, UK supplier of identity and biometric access systems. As a full distribution source for A4Vision products, Bannerbridge will provide off-the-shelf delivery, local warranty and maintenance support, with full sales, marketing and technical provisioning to UK companies interested in A4Vision products for resale or use.

A4Vision’s UK Sales Director, Neil Rowlands, commented, “This as an excellent relationship for both companies, building on Bannerbridge’s established market presence in the security area with A4Vision’s leading biometric face recognition and physical access technologies. A4Vision adds Bannerbridge to a prestigiouslist of companies that we work with, including Siemens, Logitech and Motorola. The Bannerbridge partnership establishes a full service source for A4Vision’s 3D face recognition technology and products for UK system integrators, installers and users.”

Bannerbridge Technical Director, David Holyfield, said, “A4Vision’s products position Bannerbridge with a complete, next generation line of access control products and systems. A4Vision’s sub-second biometric processing capabilities deliver the speed critical to mass security applications, such as physical access to transit systems or large venues. Our established distribution model is a natural fit with A4Vision’s aspirations for a broad rollout of 3D face recognition.”

Bannerbridge will supply and support A4Vision’s full line of biometric products. Bannerbridge also will open a new facility where A4Vision’s products will be on display for educational and demonstration purposes.

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