A4Vision Enables Easy, Economical Adoption and Networking of Secure 3D Facial Biometric Access Control

Vision 3Di™ and A4 SecureSite™ Bring 3D Biometrics to Existing and New Physical Access Deployments

Sep 12, 2005 - A4Vision Inc. today announced two physical access systems to address global needs for new security and to advance adoption of A4Vision’s industry-leading 3D facial biometric products. The first enterprise class 3D biometric-based physical access control systems, Vision 3DI™ and A4 SecureSite™, respectively, accommodate the need to incorporate 3D facial identification and verification with existing physical access control systems, and deploy a new breed of biometric-based physical access security systems.Vision 3DI™ -- Enhance

Physical Access with 3D Facial Biometric Security Vision 3DI (3D Integration Module) is designed as an easy add-on 3D facial biometric security upgrade for existing access control systems. Many organizations access control systems would require only enhancements to base capabilities to raise security. Vision 3DI enables 3D biometric facial identification capabilities through a simple weigand interface between A4Vision 3D Face Readers and existing access control panels. There is also an XML interface layer at the application level for system administrators requiring deeper integration. In operation, users swipe cards at access points, as usual, while A4Vision’s face recognition reader verifies that each card holder is the actual person to whom the card has been assigned. In the enroll-and-go model, database synchronization occurs between A4Vision and existing access control systems, supporting automated user updates across a centralized management administration service.

A4 SecureSite™ -- Biometrics Based Physical Access Control for Any Business A4 SecureSite is the first enterprise scalable access control and alarm management product developed around a biometric security solution. The system combines A4Vision’s advanced 3D facial recognition technology with card, or other types of readers to provide maximum security with the scalability and advanced features required for enterprise access systems. Designed for new users of physical access control, SecureSite is easily managed as a 2 or 4 door system, yet can scale to hundreds of doors and hundreds of thousands of users. Open, modular, industry-standard, SecureSite provides complete control with unlimited options and flexible features. Specialized modules can be custom configured to suit specific needs by site, and privileges set for each user or by groups of users. A single, easy-to-use graphical user interface for administration and management is configurable, too, for optimal security access control.

“ Global demand for security has promoted a multi-factor security model in which proven security methods combine in new ways,” said A4Vision Director of Product Management Ryan Zlockie. “Vision 3DI and SecureSite enable anyone focused on security to raise the level to unprecedented heights with biometric 3D facial identification. Combined with existing security systems or in new implementations, our 3D facial recognition networks establish the next benchmark for secure physical access.”

Price and Availability Vision3DI is competitively priced based on the type of existing physical access control system. Certified physical access control systems include those from known respected providers, such as Lenel.

SecureSite is offered bundled in one, two, four, six and eight door kits to meet basic needs of new implementations of physical access control. Each kit comprises a host-based application, door controllers, 3D face readers, enrollment station and card/pin readers, economically priced starting at eleven thousand dollars.

A4Vision 3D face recognition products perform both verification and identification in real-time; accommodate variable angles and changing light conditions, including night; accommodate motion and provide a completely passive, non-invasive mode of identification with consistently high rates of accuracy.

A4Vision offers 3D face recognition products through partner companies IDLink, Logitech, NTT Communications, Premier Electronics, Sagem, Securitas, Siemens, SITA, Thales, and others. A4Vision is currently developing 3D products for the US Federal Government with partner Unisys.

For more information or to purchase A4Vision’s 3D products, interested parties may visit the website: www.a4vision.com or call A4Vision headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA, 408-446-1133, or Geneva, Switzerland, +41 22 849 1050.

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