A4Vision’s Vision Access 3D Face Reader Achieves Sub-second Speed for Secure Biometric Physical Access

LCD and Audio Feedback Prompt Users to Position for Optimal Facial Biometric Imaging

Buildings, Secure Areas, Airports, Border Control, Mass Transit, and Many Applications Benefit from Faster Throughput

Sep 12, 2005 - A4Vision Inc. today announced Vision Access 3D Face Reader, the world’s first three-dimensional (3D) facial identification/verification reader with active feedback. Designed to achieve fastest processing speeds by easing optimal user positioning, the reader captures a biometric image to identify or verify subjects in less than one second! The Vision Access 3D Face Reader incorporates LCD and audio feedback technologies, so users can easily determine when their position is perfect. The result is expedited scanning and greater volume throughput for physical access control applications, such as those used for building or event access, airport security access, and border control points. Speed is critical as high volume biometric identification processing becomes widespread across civilian populations.

A4Vision innovations in 3D data capturing and processing have produced renowned industry-leading accuracy in real-time facial recognition and tracking. A4Vision readers perform both verification and identification in real-time, accommodate variable angles and changing light conditions, including night, accommodate motion and provide a completely passive, non-invasive mode of identification with consistently high rates of accuracy. Now, the new Vision Access 3D Face Reader achieves heretofore unmatched speed in biometric scanning.

Grant Evans, CEO of A4Vision, said, “A4Vision continues to raise the bar for biometric performance. Though focused on facial identification, we have exceeded industry processing and throughput speeds across the range of biometrics security access with the introduction of the Vision Access 3D Face Reader. ”

A4Vision offers 3D face recognition products through partner companies IDLink, Logitech, NTT Communications, Premier Electronics, Sagem, Securitas, Siemens, SITA, Thales, and others. A4Vision is currently developing 3D products for the US Federal Government with partner Unisys.

The Vision Access 3D Face Reader is available now. For more information or to purchase A4Vision’s 3D products, interested parties may visit the website: www.a4vision.com or call A4Vision headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA, 408-446-1133, or Geneva, Switzerland, +41 22 849 1050.

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