A4Vision and In-Q-Tel Partner in Advanced 3-D Imaging Solutions for Government and Commercial Markets

In-Q-Tel Participates in A4Vision Strategic Investment Round

Mar 7, 2005 - A4Vision Inc, global leader in advanced identification software and 3-D facial imaging products and technology, today announced it has signed a strategic development agreement with In-Q-Tel, a private venture group funded by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). In-Q-Tel’s strategic development agreement with A4Vision enables use of A4Vision’s core 3-D facial biometric imaging and identification technology in new applications planned for commercial and government markets. Financial terms provide equity in A4Vision to In-Q-Tel and a commitment to development of A4Vision’s 3-D imaging technology for new commercial and government applications.

“A4Vision has been working with the US and other governments worldwide since our inception. In-Q-Tel’s partnership with A4Vision denotes insight to A4Vision’s unique developments of 3-D imaging and our capability to meet confidence levels and criteria required by the world’s most demanding buyers.” said A4Vision CEO Grant Evans. “We anticipate forthcoming developments with In-Q-Tel to present new dimensions in 3-D imaging security, ranging from access control at borders, to buildings, networks, airports and secure areas to identifying persons or objects in transit or transport – all areas of keen global interest at present.”

“A4Vision’s technology offers unique 3-D data capturing and processing capabilities," said Gilman Louie, President and CEO of In-Q-Tel. "In-Q-Tel is very pleased with its partnership with A4Vision and their promise of significant developments in 3-D imaging that will enhance government security readiness as well as the anticipated developments for the commercial sector."

A4Vision has been shipping 3-D imaging products for access control, secure authentication and verification and database enrollment, since October 2003. More information is available and products may be ordered at http://www.a4vision.com

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