Technology Makes Output of 3D Facial Images for Card and

Detailed 3D facial images can now be provided "on-demand" with the convenience of conventional photographs, while offering a new standard of security.

Technology developed by DuPont Authentication Systems and A4Vision

Jan 12, 2004 - DuPont Authentication Systems (DAS), a globally recognized leader in authentication security solutions, and A4Vision Inc., a global leader in advanced identification and 3D imaging technology, today announced a strategic marketing alliance to deliver the first secure on-demand 3D images to incorporate with cards, passports and documents.

The alliance presents a new value proposition for secure imaging. Combining the DAS Izon‘ authentication security products and imaging process with A4Vision’s leading 3D facial biometric technology, the companies have developed the first tactile, tangible, fast output of secure deep three-dimensional facial portraits.

A4Vision CEO Grant Evans said, “A4Vision and DAS have produced a technological breakthrough for card and document security using 3D deep imaging of individual facial portraits similar to holograms but enhanced fourfold in scope, clarity, production and usability. The combined solution raises security standards for identification for all types of cards and documents—national identity cards, credit cards, drivers’ licenses, ATM cards, Smart cards, and passports.”

“ With this new technology DAS and A4Vision can dramatically change the security imaging category. Until now, only two-dimensional photographic portraits were practical for use in a card or document,” said Michael Zubretsky, COO of DAS. “With Izon™, our new secure authentication standard, and A4Vision’s 3D algorithms and cameras, we’re creating unique, secure, on-demand real-time images in less than 10 seconds.”

Recently, DAS announced the next standard for overt authentication security in the Izon™ brand with its full parallax deep 3D imaging. Izon™ enables views around an image or object as if it were real, delivering instant visual verification of authenticity. The collaboration of DAS and A4Vision represents the first product to implement the new Izon™ material.

A4Vision’s 3D technology products perform both verification and identification in real-time, operate with variable angles and under changing light conditions, including night. The cameras accommodate motion and provide a completely passive, non-invasive mode of identification with consistently high accuracy.

The imaging breakthrough is achieved by combining the companies’ technologies. The A4 Facial Enrollment Station, with A4Vision’s advanced patented optical technology, structured light, and algorithms, captures a 3D image and transfers it to the Izon™ deep 3D imager, which takes translated data and physically imparts the 3D image to Izon™ film ready to embed in a card or document. Because Izon™ material is provided only by DAS and maintained within a rigorously monitored and secured supply chain, verification is extremely reliable.

The systems are anticipated to be available in early 2004.

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