A4Vision Introduces World’s First 3D Facial Imaging Products

Real-world Products for Physical Access control to Secure Areas and Authentication of IDs and documents

Oct 30, 2003 - A4Vision Inc, a global leader in advanced identification and 3D imaging technology, today announced availability of the world’s first three-dimensional (3D) facial identification products. A4Vision’s 3D technology products perform both verification and identification in real-time, operate with variable angles and under changing light conditions, including night, accommodate motion and provide completely passive, non-invasive mode of identification with consistently high accuracy.

Grant Evans, CEO of A4Vision, said, “A4Vision is not only first-to-market with 3D imaging solutions, we have packaged the best identification technology in practical products for application now. A4Vision is responding to wide-scale demand for more effective identification access and monitoring systems ignited by government, law enforcement and corporate need for higher performing security infrastructure, as national security becomes more compelling and overlaps previously independent sectors. A4Vision is already well recognized as a leader in 3D facial biometric technology,” said Grant Evans. “With today’s 3D product announcements we demonstrate our commitment to deliver the best 3D biometric technology in applications that benefit commercial, civil and government sectors. ”

A4 Door Access Control Face Reader (FR) - The first product in A4Vision’s 3D Product line is the A4 Door Access Control FR, which controls physical access to buildings and entrances or doors to secure areas. Through a proprietary Matching Engine and algorithms, the system performs subject identification and verification in either stand-alone or networked distributed environments. The FR module comprises real-time 3D surface scanner, enrollment station and software. Working in invisible near-infrared light, the FR operates in both identification and verifications modes. In identification mode, the system compares the extracted biometric template against all locally or network-stored templates, completing up to 8-10 full database searches per second in databases of several thousand users. In verification mode, the extracted biometric template is compared against a stored piece of data such as a card or pin number, or against an on-card stored template.

A4 Enrollment Station - The A4 Facial Enrollment Station performs user enrollment and builds 3D template databases, as well as creating 2D color jpeg files and video feed. Designed with A4Vision’s advanced patented optical technology, structured light, and algorithms and easily integrating into a range of existing hardware or software security systems, the enrollment station comprises a special projector and digital video camera. The enrollment camera provides the 3D image for template creation within a database or for writing to card ID systems.

Vision Access Software Developer’s Kit (VA SDK)- A4Visions VA SDK enables the addition of facial biometrics and secure connection into back-end applications, deployment of an overall system and integration into existing third-party applications. The VA SDK manages FR stations, performs user enrollment, auditing, system analysis and monitoring of stand-alone solutions locally and centrally of network-configured physical access solutions. VA SDK uses industry standard interfaces protocol to communicate with external readers and door controllers and integrates into multiple external card readers.

Examples of integration and development applications include time and attendance, monitoring and surveillance, site security, and existing physical access technology, including custom embedded hardware, firmware, and software implementations.

A4Vision offers 3D products through partner companies Bell Group, Lasercard Logitech, Premier Electronics, Siemens, SITA, and others. A4Vision is currently developing 3D products for the US Federal Government with partner, Unisys.

A4Vision products are available now at competitive prices. For more information or to purchase A4Vision’s 3D products, interested parties may visit the website: www.a4vision.com or call A4Vision headquarters in Cupertino, CA, 408-446-1133, or Geneva, Switzerland.

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