A4Vision Awarded Contract to Develop 3D Imaging Mobile Identification

Sep 16, 2003 - A4Vision Inc, a global leader in advanced identification software and 3D imaging technology, today announced that it has been awarded its first federal contract to develop a mobile 3D imaging identification device for the U.S. government. The contract award of $190,000 is for the first two phases of development of a total contract estimated at $420,000 value for A4 Vision. This effort is part of an R&D support contract awarded to Unisys earlier this year.

Grant Evans, CEO of A4Vision, said, “As security demands broaden in every sector, existing methods of identification are stretched in attempts to address all scenarios. 3D literally brings a new dimension to biometric science. In particular, A4Vision’s 3D technology has the ability to accommodate full motion, perform both verification and identification, operate in all light conditions at speeds up to 10 identifications per second, and provide completely passive, non-invasive mode of identification – all critical features to a mobile identification solution. We are gratified that the federal government recognizes A4Vision’s incomparable technology and is forging the way with us to create the future of 3D optical biometric identification.”

Ed Schaffner, director of identification and access control solutions at Unisys said, “Unisys has been engaged in the investigation of biometric technology, and in the integration of the technology with other applications for personal identification and for access control solutions for numerous governments around the world for over 10 years. While 2D face recognition solutions have been around for several years, 3D solutions have only recently emerged and offer promise of increased accuracy and flexibility over their 2D counterparts. A4Vision’s solution is one of the most advanced. Its small form factor, ability to recognize individuals in full motion and in variable light conditions at moderate frame rates is unique. As such, we anticipate an entirely new generation of biometrics security to be realized from developments with A4Vision.”

The 3D mobile identification device, under co-development with Unisys, will be able to increase the accuracy to identify subjects under any light condition. Optionally, the device will cooperate with multiple identification and access methods, such as smart cards, that store critical identification data and/or Wi-Fi communications.

A4Vision’s prime contractor partner Unisys recently was awarded a multi-year R&D support task order by the Defense Department to improve existing face-recognition technologies used for the identification of individuals and to develop integrated identification and access control solutions for physical access control, border crossing security, and authentication for computer and network log-on.

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