Aug 13, 2003 - Demonstrating 3D imaging as a facial recognition and identification tool, A4Vision, a global leader in advanced identification software and 3D imaging technology, will use its proprietary 20,000 data-point facial mesh and 3D optical sub-millimeter measurement technology to scan twins registered with SRI International’s Northern California Twin Registry. A4Vision will capture and compare the twins’ minute facial differences.

SRI’s Registry represents more than 1,900 twins in the San Francisco Bay Area. SRI, a nonprofit research institute, seeks fraternal and identical twins eight years or older to join the registry for potential health and behavioral studies and attend the event. Facial imaging will be done primarily on identical twins. Fraternal or single twins may be imaged if they agree to return in 6-12 months to be re-scanned for comparative purposes.

A4Vision will conduct twin enrollments, illustrating distinctions in twins with graphic comparison data. SRI will use the statistical data gathered for ongoing research and publication.

When: August 23, 2003 10-2 pm PDT

Who: SRI International and A4Vision

Where: SRI International 333 Ravenswood Avenue Building "A", Conference Rooms A&B Menlo Park, CA 94025

Press may photograph events.

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