A4Vision, Global Leader in Advanced Identification Software and 3D Facial Imaging Technology, Powers New Logitech® Face Tracking Software

Jan 10, 2003 - A4Vision, a global leader in advanced identification software and 3D facial imaging technology, backed by the international venture capital company myQube, announces today the launch of its face targeting and tracking software with Logitech, the global leader in PC Peripheral products.

A4Vision’s breakthrough software algorithms enable Logitech webcams to target and automatically track a person’s face, keeping it centered within the camera’s field of view. More precisely, this Face Tracking technology, tracks a combination of skin tones, shapes and movement to lock onto a person’s face. This new feature takes digital zoom to the next level by automatically enabling the camera to pan, tilt and zoom-in on a person’s face – keeping it centered during a video instant messaging session or when recording a video email.

Logitech Face Tracking will begin shipping globally in February as a standard feature with all mid to high-end Logitech webcams that feature digital zoom. The product is available for download now here.

Grant Evans, CEO of A4Vision, said, “We are very excited with our partnership with Logitech and the opportunity to deploy advanced face tracking systems with them. Our Face Tracking Software is one in our range of advanced facial targeting and tracking applications for cameras. Our systems solutions enable not only tracking and targeting of a persons face at a distance but also provide capabilities for positive real time recognition and identification using our 3D facial imaging technology.”

Spencer Jonhson, director of product marketing for Logitech’s Video Division, said: “When you’re trying to make your Internet communication truly up close and personal, you want to be able to add natural movements and facial gestures without worrying about manually zooming in and zooming out. Face Tracking, another example of Logitech’s easy to use, feature rich webcam software, ensures a great user experience,” said Spencer Johnson, “Especially in the case of video instant messaging, a continuing growth driver for webcam usage, the ability for our cameras to automatically track a person’s face, makes the video IM experience more satisfying for the millions of people that use it every day.”

About A4Vision
A4Vision (Applications for Vision) develops and licenses advanced identification systems and tracking solutions using 3D facial imaging and recognition technology. 4Vision is headquartered in California (USA) with offices in Geneva(Switzerland) and Moscow (Russia).

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