IDL and A4Vision Face up to Security at IFSEC 2006

Apr 28, 2006 - Integrated Design Ltd and A4Vision (Applications for Vision) have teamed up for this year's IFSEC exhibition at the NEC, Birmingham. A4Vision's 3D Face Reader has been integrated with IDL's Fastlane Door Detective to showcase a complete approach to high security access control.

The A4Vision Access 3D Face Reader can recognise users as they approach the door way. With read ranges up to two metres and a fast sub-second response time the Face Reader is designed to open the door before the user gets to it. This is when Door Detective kicks in and monitors how many people actually go through the door way once it's opened. If more people go through than are authorised by the Face Reader Door Detective will alarm to alert security and can trigger high responses such as CCTV to record the events for later analysis.

Through the use of advanced hardware and algorithms integrated with proven access control software, 3D face recognition provides high accuracy and security, while allowing users to benefit from an ergonometric no touch solution. The benefits to security are obvious as each individual in the building has a unique "access card" that is always with them, thereby removing the threat caused by lost, stolen or passed on cards. This coupled with the tailgate detection of the Fastlane Door Detective demonstrates a complete security system.

Door Detective helps the access control system overcome the age old problem of controlling how many people pass through a doorway, and in which direction, once a valid face has been scanned. Following an authorised user through a door is known as tailgating and it is very easy to do. Intruders may therefore be willingly let in to a secure area, due to people holding the door open 'out of courtesy', and the access system is beaten. Door Detective solves this problem by ensuring each individual who passes through a door must scan their face.

"The combination of A4Vision and our Fastlane range is extremely exciting. A4Vision is one of the market leaders in facial recognition and the ease of use and speed for their response make their system an ideal tie in with our Fastlane range, where speed of access and ease of use are key benefits of the range. This integration of technologies provides for a high security front end to an access control system where the Facial recognition quickly detects authorised users, and the Fastlane range detects and deters the unauthorised users and highlights their presence to security. The Fastlane turnstiles are ideal for application at reception areas of buildings whilst our unique Door Detective can protect doors further in to the building, even when they are open." Says Michael Bystram, Sales Director of IDL.

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