A4Vision 3D Facial Biometric Solution Wins Best Application in 2007 IP Innovation Awards

Award recognizes the state of the art deployment of over 110 A4Vision 3D face readers at a major European Bank with over 2,100 employees enrolled in the security access system.

Feb 20, 2007 - A4Vision Inc. today announced that it has won Best Application in the 2007 IP Security Awards for its innovative 3D face biometric technology implementation at a major European Bank. The IP Security association (IIPSEC) award recognized the one-of-a-kind access control system installed at the Geneva Headquartered firm that identifies and grants facility access to the 2,100 employees based on a face match and without ID cards, keys or PIN technology. In using only biometric identification the system eliminates the risk of tokens and keys being lost, stolen or misused.

The IIPSEC Judges Panel concluded, “The European Bank implementation of A4Vision technology is an excellent application of an impressive product. It gives the world a look at the future of one of the many ways biometrics will be used not only in financial services but all industries. 3D face recognition is a superior access control technology that can eliminate the use of cards thereby adding convenience and reducing the cost of facility security.”

Adding biometrics, such as 3D face recognition, within an organization’s security infrastructure to verify a person’s identity, ensures that only authorized persons may enter a building through existing entrances.

Grant Evans, A4Vision CEO said, “The recent implementations A4Vision has participated in are clear evidence that the efforts we have made over the past 4 years are driving significant value to the many organizations that are using our technology. Recognition as the best and most innovative IP security application demonstrates the benefits of our system and the future potential of the technology.”

A4Vision’s advanced 3D facial recognition system directs structured, invisible light onto a subject’s face to create a facial grid of 40,000 measurable data points. The system performs multiple facial scans and comparisons against a database of stored images and corresponding data, performing accurate identification at sub-second speeds, from which authorized persons are confirmed for access. A4Vision’s 3D facial readers secure entrance areas of the bank in combination with other security components of the installation.

About IIPSEC Awards Innovation is key to the continued success of technology lead businesses and the Security & BMS sector is no different. The IP in Security Awards programme recognises this fact and believes that innovation should be rewarded and promoted to both our peers, customers and the industry at large, presenting the benefits of the technology and developing new markets. More information on the IIPSEC Awards can be found at www.theippeople.com/id8.html.

About A4Vision
A4Vision (Applications for Vision) develops and licenses advanced identification systems and tracking solutions using 3D facial imaging and recognition technology. A4Vision offers products through companies such as Ingersoll Rand, ADI, NTT Communications, Singapore Technologies, Sagem, Securitas, SITA, Thales, and global partners Motorola, Siemens, and Unisys. A4Vision is headquartered in California (USA) with offices in Geneva (Switzerland) and Moscow (Russia).

A4Vision has recently announced that it has entered into an agreement to be acquired by Bioscrypt (BYT.T), a leading provider of enterprise access control technologies. The combined entities will be the only organization capable of offering a converged physical and logical solution that supports both finger and 3D face biometrics as authentication techniques for access control. More details about this and other corporate information can be found at www.a4vision.com www.Bioscrypt.com

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