The installed solution utilizes the Vision Access 3D Face Reader and the 3Di application for enrollment and template distribution. The solution is integrated with RTD’s existing Lenel access control system. A4Vision products are built specifically to be quick and easy to integrate legacy systems simplifying deployment. The Vision Access 3D face reader interfaces with the Lenel hardware via Wiegand protocol for transmitting door open or lock signals and providing an audit trail in the Lenel host system. The 3Di (3D Integration) is an approved and certified Lenel Open Access application with features specifically designed for integration with legacy systems streamlining installing and ongoing administration.

The A4Vision system is working in verification mode (1:1) at RTD for dual factor authentication adding a higher level of security to this protected area. In verification mode the A4 system first accepts a proximity card and then will reference the 3D face template stored with that card number in a Database. The system then verifies that the person belongs to the card by matching the stored template to the person standing in front of the 3D Face reader. The A4 System performs this matching process in less than one second for very fast throughput.

There are typically three ways to authenticate or prove an identity to a system or a person.

  • Something you have – like a ID card.
  • Something you know - such as a PIN number.
  • Something you are - a biometric such as facial features, fingerprints etc.
When two or more of these are used together for an identification decision it is called multi factor authentication. The RTD solution using dual factor, card plus biometric, offers a very secure solution with the convenience of 3D face recognition.

A4Vision’s 3D facial recognition system is unique in that it can also perform identification (1: N) transactions with large databases for physical access control and time and attendance transactions. This provides for a very convenient control point while maintaining very secure matching levels.

A4Vision innovations in 3D data capturing and processing have produced renowned industry-leading accuracy in real-time facial recognition and tracking. A4Vision readers perform both verification and identification in real-time; accommodate variable angles, motion, and changing light conditions, including night; and provide a completely passive, non-invasive mode of identification with consistently high rates of accuracy. The Vision Access 3D Face Reader applied and assessed by RTD achieves unmatched sub-second processing speeds in biometric scanning.


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