The following highlights of the results indicate the unique level of precision and usability of the A4Vision 3D technology that was required by ICA. The test was conducted by Unisys who is the integrator for this project.

FAR - False Accept Rate, the probability that an impostor gets score over a certain threshold. The lower the FAR score, the more secure the biometric.

FRR - False Reject Rate, the probability that a genuine user gets score below a certain threshold. A lower score here is also desirable, as it translates into a convenient factor for genuine users.


  • 2D Face Recognition - FAR of 0.12% & FRR of 9.79%
  • 3D Face Recognition - FAR of 0.0047% & FRR of 0.103%
Scenario Testing:
  • Pose Variation – 3D - 100% match rate / 2D - 23% match rate
  • Spoofing – High resolution Color Photo - 3D not spoofed, 2D spoofed.
  • Facial Hair – 3D 87% match rate - 2D 50% match rate
  • Head Gear – Tested how hats and helmets would effect recognition. 3D 95% success, 2D under 5% success.
  • Dark and Dim Lighting – 3D 100% match rate - 2D 0% match rate
A4Vision innovations in 3D data capturing and processing have produced renowned industry-leading accuracy in real-time facial recognition and tracking. A4Vision readers perform both verification and identification in real-time; accommodate variable angles, motion, and changing light conditions, including night; and provide a completely passive, non-invasive mode of identification with consistently high rates of accuracy. The Vision Access 3D Face Reader applied and assessed by ICA achieves unmatched sub-second processing speeds in biometric scanning.


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