Security within airport terminals is a high profile focus of governments and security agencies around the world. Being able to verify and positively link a specific boarding pass to an individual is one method being deployed to add additional levels of security. The issue is that once a passenger is ticketed and through security, they can easily switch tickets and travel to destinations where they may be on a “no-fly list”. For example, a passenger may be able to fly to domestic locations but banned for international flights. They can swap their domestic ticket with an international ticket inside the terminal and proceed to the unauthorized destination. Biometrics is used to link boarding passes with the actual individual so the swapping of boarding passes can no longer take place.

A4Vision develops advanced identification solutions using breakthrough 3D face recognition technology. Through innovations in 3D data capturing and processing capabilities, these systems permit industry-leading accuracy in real-time facial recognition and tracking. A4Vision biometrics offer the advantages of fast throughput through verification control points making this solution well suited for busy and congested airport environments.

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