Registered traveler programs are being implemented at airports worldwide; there will be an estimated 20 US deployments and potentially a greater amount internationally by the end of 2006. The concept of a registered traveler program is to offer an expedited and more convenient lane through airport security. For acceptance to the program, passengers will provide their biometric data and will be subject to background checks by the TSA. Each approved Registered Traveler will be issued a smart card containing biographic and biometric data. This will allow the passengers to use the special lanes at all participating airports.

A4Vision develops advanced identification solutions using breakthrough 3D face recognition technology. Through innovations in 3D data capturing and processing capabilities, these systems permit industry-leading accuracy in real-time facial recognition and tracking. Since throughput and ease of use are such significant factors for successful deployments at a high throughput area, A4Vision technology is perfectly suited for this type of environment.

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