There are several areas in today’s competitive corporate environment that require increased level of security and accountability. A4Vision biometrics plays a critical role for corporate sites with added security and flexibly in deployment options. For main entrances, A4Vision products have been integrated with optical turnstiles and anti-tailgating applications to provide a solution for positive verification. For access to areas where there may be proprietary or highly sensitive information, A4Vision readers provide added security to validate that only authorized employees are granted access.

A4Vision’s facial recognition applications work within an existing access infrastructure minimizing costs associated with adding technology. A4Vision has developed applications and custom interfaces with the leading access control systems for a streamlined approach to deployment. 3D Face Readers are able to control access to secure areas while providing increased convenience, and speed. A4Vision hardware can work with existing card or PIN readers for multi-factor verification and can replace existing readers to perform identification.

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