In-branch bank fraud is an estimated $12 billion annual figure with fraud at retail locations being about the same which amounts to a $24 billion issue in the US alone, as reported by US NEWS and WORLD REPORT. These numbers are growing and even considered conservative by many industry experts. Financial institutions are targets for customer identity theft and also require high security protection for access to high profile areas such as bank vaults or IT centers where personal information is stored.

For contending with the issue of in-branch fraud, A4Vision technology is capable of sub-second database searches and 3D facial image identity verification. For protection to restricted areas, A4Vision applications work within an existing access infrastructure minimizing costs associated with adding technology. A4Vision has developed solutions with custom interfaces with the leading access control systems for a streamlined approach to deployment. 3D Face Readers are able to control access to secure areas while providing increased convenience, and speed. A4Vision’s readers work with existing card or PIN readers for multi-factor verification and can replace existing readers to perform identification.

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