"Improving airport security cannot interfere with efficient flow of personnel and passengers." This is among the key considerations driving international organizations such as the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in its actions to improve airport security.

Typically, adding higher levels of security introduce additional steps that increase user throughput time. The goal of enhancing security is challenging in itself, also having to accelerate user throughput adds another dimension of difficulty for the solution.

A4Vision facial recognition technology utilizes distinctive features of the face to perform authentication. The 3D Images are captured in real time and focus on features where rigid tissue or bone is most apparent and less likely to change over time, which includes the eye socket curvature, nose, chin, etc. The following are some of the significant advantages that this technology enables.

  • Introduces depth as a 3rd axis of measurement allowing facial angles and curves to be measured on a sub-millimeter scale.
  • Not affected by lighting conditions and may even be used in darkness.
  • Robust to different view angles and has the potential to recognize a subject at near 30 degrees.
  • Ability to perform verification matching in milliseconds.
The points above are very important for system flexibility leading to ease of use for users of the technology. For any biometric technology there are several aspects that are required of the solution for a successful deployment. These factors include a system that requires minimal cooperation from the subject, allows for flexibility in positioning and ambient conditions, has a high level of accuracy, and is ergonomically designed to keep people moving quickly through secured areas.

A4Vision’s 3D facial recognition technology combines high accuracy with minimal user cooperation. The technology utilizes over 40,000 points of data to create a biometric template that is unique to each individual providing for the most precise matching capabilities. The recognition process is performed extremely fast; positive verification of an individual can be accomplished in less then 1 second. The high rates of accuracy and speed characteristics of the A4Vision solution is unprecedented and perfectly suited for Airport environments.



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