Boarding Pass Authentication
This solution is best illustrated though an example of how A4Vision biometrics operate in a secured boarding pass environment.

A traveler walks up the ticket counter where a 3D enrollment camera resides. As part of the check-in process a 3D Facial template is created. The template is instantly created and linked to the bar code or magnetic stripe on the traveler’s boarding pass.

Once the traveler is at the gate they will need to be verified as having access to the international or domestic gate areas. As the passenger moves through the checkpoint and hands the boarding pass over for scanning they will glance into a face reader to verify they are the rightful possessor of the boarding pass. If there is a match between the person at the reader with the stored template linked to the boarding pass they will be able to continue to their destination.

Having the ability to positively link a traveler’s identity to a boarding pass with a biometric solves several issues. Swapping boarding passes, once past security, is a concern for overall flight safety. Someone that is a high risk for international flights may not raise the same red flags when checking in for domestic flights depending on the originating country. Once checked in and past security they can swap tickets with someone on a high security alert international flight.

With a biometric linked to the boarding pass, as described in the example, this type of action would be eliminated. Access to gate areas would be denied if the person holding the ticket does not match the biometric linked with the pass.


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