Verification Kiosks
These programs have been gaining popularity over the past 18 months, there were trials conducted in Tampa, Orlando, LAX, Charles de Gaulle, Singapore and Amsterdam airports among others. The initial trials concluded in 2005 and now national rollout will begin in 2006. There are 450 US airports that can choose to implement a Registered Traveler program with many of the nation’s largest airports already making plans.

The ultimate success of these programs greatly depends on how well the technology combines high security while improving passenger traffic throughput at checkpoints. The critical factors that dictate success of these programs are ideally suited for A4’s solutions. The concept is that only verified "safe" people can obtain cards with their biometric stored on their card.

Once issued, a card provides trusted travelers with access to expedited security lines. There will be special verification kiosks where travelers will be verified with their card using biometric technology. These kiosks will compare the live images of the passengers with the data stored on the card. A4Vision’s 3D face technology meets the goals of these programs: identity verification with passenger convenience.


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