The Vision 3D + 2D ICAO camera is used to perform enrollment, verification and identification of 3D and 2D face images. The camera simultaneously captures 3D and 2D images that comply with ISO/IEC CD 19794-5 (Standard for ICAO compliant images for machine readable documents). The device is designed with A4Vision’s advanced optical technology, structured light, and algorithms, utilizing a special projector and digital camera. The output of this equipment is both a 3D biometric template and a synchronized ISO/IEC CD 19794-5 2D color image of the subject.

The common solutions include ePassport initiatives, Border Control efforts, watch list identification, Visas and criminal ID. A benefit of having combined 2D and 3D images include creating higher match results with existing databases of 2D images. Using the synchronized approach the 2D.3D image can be manipulated to search at specified angles or using multiple images at a variety of angles which make matching more effective. The system performs this processing and searching in real time.

The Vision ICAO Enrollment station is used with A4Vision applications including the Vision Access Enrollment Application (VAEA) and any custom applications created with the Vision SDK.


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