Vision 3Di™ (3D integration Module) provides the capability to easily add 3D facial biometrics with an existing access control system. With Vision 3DI, organizations with an existing access control system in place can add A4Vision 3D biometric capabilities without performing any modifications to the existing system. With Vision 3DI this can be accomplished with a simple Wiegand interface between 3D Face Readers and the existing access control panels. There is also an XML interface layer at the application level if a greater level of integration in desired for the system administrators.

3Di Capabilities:

  • Enroll and manage users in the system for biometric and card access in a single system.
  • See real-time online status of all reader and door locations
  • Event Log for Time and Attendance applications
  • Interface with the A4Vision enrollment Station for capturing the initial 3D images for template creation.
  • Template management and distribution to the A4Vision Face Readers for verification and identification at control points such as entrance locations, doors, turnstiles etc.
  • Several optional levels of integration with access control systems
  • The 3DI application manages all of the biometric data while the existing access system continues to manage access schedules and profiles.
3Di can operate in a stand alone mode, however a significant benefit of the solution is the integration capabilities. The system has currently been evaluated and tested for use with the following 3rd party systems.
  • Lenel (Certified OOAP partner) Synchronized with Lenel DB.
  • GE Access Control (Tested with Door Controller Hardware)
  • Hirsch Electronics(Tested with door controllers and readers)
  • IBA "integrated business application" by Data Pulse Est
  • Northern (Tested with Door Controller Hardware)
  • Kantech (Tested with Door Controller Hardware)
  • PSX (Tested with Door Controller Hardware)
  • CardKey (Tested with Door Controller Hardware)
  • Keyscan (Tested with Door Controller Hardware)
  • Fastcom Integrated with an Anit-tailgating solution
  • DSX (Tested with Door Controller Hardware)
  • Quintron (Tested with Door Controller Hardware)


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