The Vision Access 3D/2D Enrollment Application (VAEA) is used to perform enrollment of the 3D (and optionally 2D) face images and for storage and distribution. The application is used for both Physical Access Control (PAC) and Civil ID applications. VAEA can operate in 3D mode or in synchronized 3D/2D mode complying with ICAO standards for Machine Readable travel documents.

The application can be used with A4Vision Hardware including Enrollment Station for PAC solutions or with the Vision ICAO camera for synchronized 3D and 2D images. The Vision ICAO camera is used predominately with Civil ID applications such as ePassport programs or registered traveler initiatives.

The enrollment process is simple for the user and the operator, extensive use of wizards have been implemented for easy guidance through the short process. After the enrollment process is complete the 3D face templates can be distributed to the Face Readers or the images can be stored on smart card chips for immediate use by the user.


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