Vision SDK™ (Software Development Kit) enables application development for configuration, network monitoring, deployment and integration of A4Vision’s solutions. There are two versions of the SDK components depending on the preferences and/or requirements of the project, BioAPI based components and ActiveX components.

Using the Vision SDK it is quick and easy to integrate with applications for Civil ID solutions or with existing physical access and network security solutions for centralized physical and logical security maintenance and management.

The Vision SDK can be used to seamlessly integrate into a wide-range of third party applications as well as new application development. Examples of integration and development capabilities include time and attendance applications, monitoring and surveillance solutions, site security systems, as well as existing physical access technology, including custom embedded hardware, firmware, and software applications.


  • Local and network enrollment, storage, and maintenance capability of biometric data.
  • Control, monitor and track user activity entrance into any Face Reader-enabled entrance.
  • Define custom reports for statistics and monitoring
  • Define security thresholds to meet the demands specific to your organization
  • Ease of integration into existing physical access, IT, and legacy systems and solutions
  • Uses industry-standard Wiegand interface protocol to communicate with external readers and door controllers
  • Define customized user profiles for both local and network authentication, access control, and authorization privilege management
  • Supports secure network management using A4Vision’s proprietary VA Connection Protocol
  • Supports industry-standard BioAPI®
  • Centralized system administration for network management
  • Multifactor authentication capabilities for the highest level of security available. Easily integrates with mag stripe, prox, smartcard, password, and other biometric solutions.
  • Secures against unwarranted site access by allowing you to implement strict access control and authentication policies.


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