A4Vision SecureSite™ is the first enterprise scalable access control and alarm management solution developed around a 3D biometric security solution. The system combines A4Vision’s advanced 3D facial recognition technology providing the highest level of security with the scalability and advanced features of an enterprise access system.

Flexibility is critical as security needs change. SecureSite is easy to manage as a 2 or 4 door system and can easily scale to hundreds of doors thousands of users. All of the specialized modules can be set up based on the need for each site. Login access and privileges and can be custom configured for each user. The solution is a combination of hardware and software comprised of a host based application, door controllers, 3D face readers and an enrollment station.

Application Capabilities:

  • Enroll and manage users in the system for biometric and card access in a single system.
  • Up to 32 access profiles per user to accommodate complex organizational needs
  • See real-time online status of all reader and door locations
  • Intuitive GUI with easy to use graphical mapping features
  • Administrative control over the access to the application. Control who can see certain parts of the application based on user login.
  • Simple management of schedules, holidays, hardware, access levels and location groups.
  • Flexible reporting.
  • Customizable fields
Hardware Capabilties:

Panels currently supported:

  • CDC– Compact Distributed Controller (Controls 32 Sub Controllers)
  • SRI – Single Reader Door Interface with I/O;
  • DRI – Dual Reader Door Interface with I/O;
Card Database Record Properties
  • Activation/Deactivation dates
  • Up to 32 access levels per cardholder,
  • Individually defined time zone per reader
  • Anti-passback support:
Access Control Card Reader Properties
  • Readers supported include HID Prox, HID iClass, Mifare and magstripe readers.
  • Card formats: any mix of up to 8 card formats and facility codes may be active on each reader
  • Request to exit: standard door cycle; or only door alarm bypass
  • Strike mode: fail safe, fail secure relay drive
Alarm Monitor Point Properties
  • Configuration: standard; entry delay, latching; entry delay, non-latching; exit delay
  • Circuit type: normally open; normally closed; non-supervised; supervised – standard/custom end-of-line supervision
  • Line conditioning: programmable sensitivity, hold time, and debounce delays
Output Control Point Properties
  • Configuration: standard (energize to activate): fail safe (de-energize to activate)
  • Pulse control: single pulse (up to 24 hours); repeating pulses
  • (on/off in 0.1 sec. increments, up to 255 times)
The solution is available in two versions depending on the size and complexity of the deployment.

A4 SecureSite Lite:

  • Configured to be simple to install and use
  • Enrollment, access schedule and user management capabilities
  • 8 doors and 1000 user record limit
  • Single seat Administration / Enrollment application
A4 SecureSite Enterprise:
  • Scalable to 1000 doors and an unlimited number of user records
  • Multiple seat capability for enrollment and administration
  • DVR Module - integration with major DVR (Digital Video Recorder) providers for basic camera management and event viewer capabilities. Allows an administrator to click on an access denied event and view the recorded images of the event.
  • Officer post – real-time entrance monitoring and visitor management
  • Dashboard – easy to use management tool for real-time statistics of locations, events and alarms.
  • Enhanced location and alarm maps


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