The Vision 3D Enrollment Station is used to perform enrollment of biometric 3D face templates. The device is designed with A4Vision’s advanced optical technology, structured light, and algorithms, utilizing a special projector and digital camera. The output of this equipment is both a 3D biometric template and optionally a standard 2D color image of the subject.

The enrollment process typically takes anywhere from 5-15 seconds and can include assigning a Card ID number and any other information to be collected such as first and last name. The enrollment process is simple for the user and the operator, visual displays are used to aid in positioning and wizards have been implemented for easy guidance through the short process. After the enrollment process is complete the 3D face templates can be distributed to the Face Readers for immediate use by the user.

The 2D camera output of the device can be used for a personalized card badging station. It can also be used to capture 2D images which are stored along with the 3D template. The enrollment station is used with all of the A4Vision applications including SecureSite, Vision 3Di and any custom application created with the Vision SDK.


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